“Nithin, I’ve to go. She is my best friend. She came here and personally invited me.”

“Well, make some excuse.” He came near her, looked into her eyes and continued, “In a month’s time we are getting married. Don’t you want a perfect wedding, dear? We still have not decided our wedding dress, and there are a lot of other arrangements to look into.”

“Nithin, please, I want to go. Its just a matter of 2 days. Why don’t you understand? I’ve talked to my mother and your parents as well. They have all agreed. Its just you….” Shikha pleaded, but they fell on deaf ears. Nithin was losing his temper.

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Radha Paati is the central character in all these stories. She is a short-tempered, septuagenarian – a simple soul. She always calls a spade, a spade and does not take into consideration the situation in which she airs her views. These stories are just different pages from the her life! Hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed making it up!!

Paati – an old lady or grandmother.


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The ball rolled and stopped near my feet. I picked it up and looked around. A small chubby faced boy came running up to me and asked for the ball. I smiled and gave it to him. We, Divya and me – I holding her hand – walked to the park where the kids were playing and sat on the bench there. Divya is my neigbour and my dearest friend.

We sat there, watching the kids playing. Under a bush sat two small girls. I couldn’t see them clearly. They may be playing or perhaps chatting. I looked at Divya, but she was not looking at me but was gazing into the distance. Seeing the girls, I was reminded of my own childhood and of that fateful night.

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