A short story written by my 8-year old daughter.

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I looked out of the window and saw my parents coming. For the past one year I had been under the care of an expert psychiatrist, who was trying to make me look into myself and understand my feelings. Today, I’m going back. As the car starts moving, taking me nearer to realities that await me, my thoughts drift back to those carefree days.Print

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Do you think it will go off well?”

“O Yes! I’m sure. It’s just going to be great”

“I still can’t believe it. I mean this is going to be a sort revelation to the whole world!”

“Hmmm! Yes. I know.  The whole world is going to watch us. It will be a live telecast and would be watched by millions across the world. But there is one thing…”

“What is bothering you? You sounded quite confident a second back”

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