A short story written by my 8-year old daughter.


Anand was a naughty boy. He never listens to his mother. One day Anand stole his best friend Ram’s pencil.  His mother found it out and asked him to return it.

Anand – No I will not give it back.

Next day at school:

Ram – Anand, give me back my pencil.

Anand – I don’t have it.

Ram – I saw you taking it yesterday. Give it back or I will tell to the teacher.

But Anand refuses to give it back. So, Ram complains to the teacher.

Teacher – Anand, do you have Ram’s pencil with you?

Anand – No, sir.

Ram – He has it, he has it. I saw him taking it.

Teacher – Anand, let me check your box.  Is this your pencil Ram?

Ram – Yes, sir.

The teacher scolds Anand but he does not say sorry to Ram.

At home, his mother advises him again but he still does not listen. Next day at school, Anand finds that none of his classmates are talking to him.  They call him a liar and a thief.

Anand feels very bad. He realises his mistake and says sorry to Ram, his teacher and his mother.

Anand – I promise that I will never ever steal or lie.  I shall always listen to my elders.

MORAL – Never steal.   Never lie.  Always listen to your elders.




6 thoughts on “NAUGHTY ANAND”

  1. The moral of the story is quite brilliant and we should always respect our elders is also very much true. You have explained it very nicely. Keep it up and keep writing for the sake of values. Great blog!

    Liked by 1 person

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