What do you want to be ?

“What do you want to be when you grow up?” asked the teacher to Mini

Mini looked at the different flashcards the teacher was showing her, looked at each carefully, and pushed them all aside.

“No… no…not these” she replied.

“Doctor, Teacher, Policeman…”

The teacher tried once more to get Mini to choose one.

But Mini had lost all interest in that question. She ran off to play. The teacher smiled and moved onto the next kid for she knew it was difficult to force a 6 year old to answer.

Few days later

Mini stood near the gate of the school. Her mother had not come to pick her up yet. She looked up at her teacher.

“Your mother will come soon, dear”

Mini looked around. All the walls were painted with slogans. Picture of various election candidates were fluttering in the wind. A face caught her attention.

“There, there” shouted Mini pulling her teacher’s hand.

 The teacher looked all around thinking Mini’s mother had come. But she could not see anyone.

“There…ur chif minstr” Mini pointed to the picture.

Teacher saw the picture and understood what Mini was trying to say.

“Yes, our chief minister… Dr.J.Jayalalithaa”

“Win I gow up, I be like her. You add me tha day”

The teacher smiled and looked at the photograph. An iron lady who has inspired millions, who proved that women can do, and who has always been their strength.





4 thoughts on “What do you want to be ?”

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