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After Death, What?

We are born, we live and irrespective of who we are, what we have achieved in our lives, the same fate awaits all of us – death. So what’s the difference ? Advertisements

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Grass is Greener….

The door bell rang and Anita rushed to see if they had come. It was the person from Amazon. She looked around her house. Everything looked good, yet she felt slightly uneasy. It had been years since they had last … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Resilient

Qutub Minar – stands on…. A prime example of resilience.

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Another New Year

A day ends, another begins… A week ends, a new week begins…The end of a month leads to a new month.. and so when the year finally ends, we begin a new year! So why all this hype about the … Continue reading

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