Nine Days of Joy

This is a narration depicting the imaginary discussion of the golu dolls. Golu or Kolu or Bommai Golu is a traditional display of dolls during the Navarathri festival, seen in Tamilnadu, India.


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“She is perfectly normal.”, said the doctor.

“Really?” asked Priya, her mother.

“Are you sure, doctor? Maybe we need to do a few more tests, you know…” suggested her father, Vishnu.

The doctor, controlling his rising anger looked at the parents and said “You are the first set of parents I’m seeing who deliberately want to prove that their kid is not normal. Please…”

“O sorry doctor” interrupted Priya, “but the all her teachers insist that she is not normal.”

“What?! How can they say that?”, said the doctor, looking at the innocent face of Varnika.

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