via Daily Prompt: Forest

They roamed around – the last surviving species. But it was also doomed; its end nearing. Survival of the fittest had been the rule of the day, and when many other smaller beings had perished unable to cope with the increased hostile environment, one species had risen above these, preyed on all other beings and established its superiority.

Change is inevitable, and changes brought about by the rise of this species had been detrimental to all other beings, and unknown to themselves, this superior race had been digging their own grave as well.

Now they were wandering through this forest of skyscrapers, built by them,  surrounded by thick clouds of obnoxious gases, released by their own inventions. Not a trace of green plants anywhere, they had cleared them off many years ago.  Not an animal in sight, as the lack of the life-giving-gas  had ensured the extermination of every other animal and many of the superior species – the homo sapiens – too.

The end of human race was just a stone’s throw away. Many humans had already died, but the few rich and elite were roaming around the worldwide forests of buildings and man-made structures, seeking the elusive nature, the real forests  which by now had become just a myth , a legend like the phoenix or the unicorn!!!




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