via Daily Prompt: Thin

This word floods me with a lot of memories,

starting from my childhood days,

when my mother used to worry

why is my daughter so thin?

I remember her scolding me for being a picky eater.

Visits to doctors with complaints that my daughter is hardly eating,

and bottles of tonics, syrups, ayurvedic concoctions

all meant to make me put on weight,

but my body had a mind of its own,

and the medicines had to accept defeat

in front of its stubbornness!


My teens were no different

no wonder what I ate,

i would never put on weight!

My parents were really worried,

but many of my friends thought me lucky,

for they were trying their best to shed their extra kgs!!

They would envy me, for they thought me slim!

Ha! I would often correct the term

and the apt word I tell them

  to describe my physique was “thin” !!

There were many who made fun of me,

comparing me with sticks and reeds,

and I would laugh with them,

what else could I do?


Even today, nothing has changed,

I am still thin, and often everyone makes fun of me,

but i no longer feel bad,

for I have at last accepted

that “I am thin, and I am happy to remain thin“.

My being thin was never deliberate

no dieting or excessive work-outs

I eat according to my hunger

can’t do much about my physique, i realise,

and learnt to accept it with ease

its others who always feel bad for me!

its others who mock me!

but i no longer care,

for being thin,

is no sin.





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