Some Inspiring Books

This post in response to the post by calmkate.

Some of the most inspiring books which I loved and would read any number of times:

  • Jonathan Livingston Seagull

Author : Richard Bach

Published by : Macmillan

Year of Publication:1970

This a story of a seagull who soars to great heights. It inspires to strive for excellence.

  •  Illusions

Author : Richard Bach

Published by : Dell Publishing Co., Inc.

Year of Publication : 1977

This is a story of a different type of messiah.


  •  A Town Like Alice

Author : Nevil Shute

Published by :Heinemann

Year of Publication : 1950

A love story that blossoms during war. A very moving story.

  • Congo

Author : Michael Crichton

Published by : Knopf

Year of Publication : 1980

Its just a science fiction novel. But a real thriller.

  • Memoirs of a Geisha

Author : Arthur Golden

Published by :Alfred A. Knopf

Year of Publication : 1997

This book takes us to a different culture and the life of a young girl and her determination.

  •  Goat Days  

Author : Benyamin

Translated by : Joseph Koyippally

Published by : Penguin Books

Year of Publication : 2012

This tells about the hardships that a migrant labourer has to undergo in Saudi Arabia. It was originally written in Malayalam (Aadujeevitham), later translated into English. This is based on real life events of the author. This book reaffirms ones faith in God.


If you have read any of these, and like it too, do post in the comments. If you happen to read any of these books after reading my post, do let me know about that too.


4 thoughts on “Some Inspiring Books”

      1. Oh not me. I’m strictly romance. I read mystery and thriller too, but there has to be some romance twist there. Just something. Some relationship of sort, if not, it won’t hold my interest, but then, each to his own.


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