17-06-2018, SUNDAY.

Today morning I  saw in WA, many messages wishing “Happy Father’s Day”. Around a month back “Mother’s Day” was celebrated,  and many of my friends and acquaintances, uploaded snaps with their mothers.

During my whole childhood, I never heard or celebrated “Mother’s Day”, “Father’s Day”, “Women’s Day” etc. The only “Day” that we celebrated was Children’s Day on November 14th every year. Looking back, I feel we never needed a day to tell our parents that we cared for them nor for them to tell us that they loved us. Every time our parents scolded us,  got worried when we were late from school/college by even a few minutes, they were sending us  messages of love and care. They may not have told us in words that they love us, but the message of love was conveyed in a thousand and one other ways. Neither did we feel it necessary to proclaim our love through words.Every time we shared our jokes, fears, ambitions and dreams with them, sought their advice or became worried when they fell ill, would have been cherished by them. the parent-child bond is unique, and in India, it is expressed every day, every minute…Do we really need a “Day” for it ? In the land where parents are revered and placed even above God, our scriptures  are encouraging us to indirectly  celebrate “Fahter’s & Mother’s Day” every day.

But do the children of today understand this? There are teenagers who attempt suicide if their parents scold them or refuse to buy them something. The parent-child bond has become skewed. Children may have become more intelligent, but they have also become emotionally less stable.Who is to blame? Maybe they do need a special day to remind themselves to love and respect their parents! Its high time we change this, make them understand that parents are not genies from bottles who grants them all their wishes. Make them understand the true significance of “Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam” concept.



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