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Vows of Love

As the incessant rains thrashed over the tin roofing, Asha looked at the clock, perhaps for the hundredth time. She then looked outside. It was quite dark, no street lights, as power had been switched off to avoid accidental electrocution. … Continue reading

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Giving Back Childhood – 3

Three different scenarios of today’s children. Who is to blame? Continue reading

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The sky, with its infinite expanse, The land, encompassing innumerable man made and natural objects The sea, hiding countless secrets in its depths Earth– showcasing a surprise everyday…. Kanyakumari.

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Giving Back Childhood – 2

The Annual School Day functions had not begun yet. My daughter pointed out her friends sitting on the other side. Her whole class and their parents were sitting there. “Let us go there, Amma”, insisted my daughter Vani. I hesitated. I … Continue reading

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Its is Easy Being Green!

Green, it is there everywhere! It is easy to be green !!  

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Atop – A top view of an erstwhile snake

Thatz a well-preserved skeleton of a snake… A snake that was once atop a tree, now lying still in a glass case, A snake that once roamed the forests, now a permanent inmate of the museum, A snake that gobbled … Continue reading

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Giving Back Childhood -1

We waited in the classroom. My daughter was nervous and she kept pulling my dupatta, and squeezed my hand. I patted her hand and tried to calm her. Soon it was our turn. The teacher handed me the papers, and … Continue reading

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Against the Odds : Weekly Photo Challenge

Clicked this long time back, when I was feeling a bit low…Somehow the silver lining in the clouds looked like a symbol of hope, of better-times ahead! Looked like a message directly from God….to fight against all odds

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Help me identify this plant…

I got this plant as a gift… If you know what plant this is, please help me…Is it an indoor or outdoor plant ? How should it be taken care of ? I have been watering it, but its leaves … Continue reading

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

Solitude – A word that can interpreted in many ways… Here I’m posting a lone caged zebra – solitude intensified due to being away from its own land and herd.

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