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Photo Challenge – Temporary

    Temporary visitors in the backyard… Advertisements

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WPC – Glow

Glow of Diwali Crackers

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Photo Challenge – Waiting

Waiting for the next wave….which is already on its way… A wait need not always be long!!  

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The sky, with its infinite expanse, The land, encompassing innumerable man made and natural objects The sea, hiding countless secrets in its depths Earth– showcasing a surprise everyday…. Kanyakumari.

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Its is Easy Being Green!

Green, it is there everywhere! It is easy to be green !!  

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Atop – A top view of an erstwhile snake

Thatz a well-preserved skeleton of a snake… A snake that was once atop a tree, now lying still in a glass case, A snake that once roamed the forests, now a permanent inmate of the museum, A snake that gobbled … Continue reading

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Against the Odds : Weekly Photo Challenge

Clicked this long time back, when I was feeling a bit low…Somehow the silver lining in the clouds looked like a symbol of hope, of better-times ahead! Looked like a message directly from God….to fight against all odds

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Weekly Photo Challenge – Solitude

Solitude – A word that can interpreted in many ways… Here I’m posting a lone caged zebra – solitude intensified due to being away from its own land and herd.

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Weekly Photo Challenge-Resilient

Qutub Minar – stands on…. A prime example of resilience.

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My first entry to the weekly photo challenge – path –  a tarred road, a narrow trail, and a waterway – different paths to choose in the coming year.

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